Our Sunday gathering starts at 10:30am at 102 Maple St.  Our services tend to last almost an hour and a half.

We live-stream our services online at:


Christ Community Church was planted with the purpose of making disciples who are being changed by the beauty of Jesus in everyday life. This informs everything we do.

We meet at 10:30 am at 102 Maple St. Our services tend to last about an hour and a half.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by volunteers who can direct you to where you’ll need to go.

If you have children between 3 months and 3rd grade, they can be checked into C3 Kids, where they’ll learn to worship Jesus with kids their own age.

The rest of us will gather in the main sanctuary.

There is no dress code, and you won’t feel out of place whether you’re in semi-formal attire or jeans and a t-shirt.

Like all churches, our service tends to have a certain order; a liturgy. The focus of our liturgy is for us to declare, believe, and experience that the God of the Bible is real, and to find our place in His story. The message we want to share with the heart of Denton is that there is forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ and that He gives the Holy Spirit to His forgiven people so that they can worship Him and continue His work until He returns.

One of the first things you’ll hear is music. ​ Our musicians, often from the well-known UNT College of Music, are highly skilled but the music you’ll hear is not over-wrought or complicated. Usually led by our worship director, Brandon Miller, our time of singing is meant to be authentic and faithful. Sometimes the music is loud and glorious, as befits the worship of the God of all creation. At other times the music is simple and unadorned, allowing us to hear each other’s voices as a family of faith and to focus on the words we are singing. We strive to sing old songs, new songs, and original songs whose beauty and truth are accessible to anyone.

We always devote the central portion of our service to hearing the bible taught.​  We believe that this is not merely an intellectual exercise, but a worshipful time in which God’s Spirit uses seemingly common things–a preacher, a text from the Bible–to communicate His truth to us and change us.

Our service normally includes the Christian practice of taking communion. This practice is always explained before we do it.

Our services often include other elements, such as prayer, a time of confession of sins, a scripture reading, different types of art which express God’s beauty and truth (poems, paintings, etc), a time for giving, and brief announcements or testimonies about what God is doing within our community.

All of these elements are skillfully, thoughtfully, and prayerfully arranged to encourage everyone who enters to consider and believe in Jesus. ​ If you are not a Christian or are not used to our type of church, our goal is that you will not only feel comfortable and informed but also welcomed! Our purpose is to show the beauty of Jesus to the heart of Denton, including you.