Stand Sunday

November 13, 2022

Stand Sunday 2022

Speaker: JT Dick Series: Stand Sunday , The Book of Ephesians

November 07, 2021

Stand Sunday 2021

Speaker: Justin Jester Series: Stand Sunday

Topic: Adoption , Foster care , Orphan

November 08, 2020

Stand Sunday 2020: Being the Body for Those who have Nobody

Speaker: Bryan Blaskowsky Series: Stand Sunday

Topic: Adoption

November 10, 2019

Stand Sunday 2019: What is God's Answer for Orphans and Foster Youth?

Speaker: Cody McCommas Series: Stand Sunday

Topic: Orphan

November 11, 2018

Orphan Sunday 2018 (Low-Quality Audio)

Speaker: Cody McCommas , Ross Appleton Series: Gospel Doctrine , Stand Sunday

Topic: Adoption , Orphan

November 12, 2017

Orphan Sunday 2017

Speaker: Ross Appleton Series: Stand Sunday