One of the ways we worship God and participate in community with other believers is through service. God has gifted each believer with various gifts for the purpose of building the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4:11-12).  Our desire is that every believer would prayerfully consider his/her passions, gifts, and talents to discover how God is leading him/her to equip the saints, furthering the Gospel mission. Maybe that will include a lifetime passion, or maybe it will be something completely new! God always enables us to do what He is calling us to, so we encourage you to have faith and dive in!

Here are the different ministry opportunities that are currently offered at C3 Denton. If you are interested in serving in a particular ministry, please contact the leader listed.

C3 Kids
Stacey Baxter

First Impressions
Carmen Cheek & Sasha Ford

Sunday Create and Restore
Cody McCommas

Worship Team
Nathan Miller

Artist’s Guild
Chris Howell

Jarod Grice

Financial Stewardship
Cody McCommas

Theological Education
Chris Howell