The concept of biblical church partnership seems strange and old fashioned in our consumeristic culture. Becoming a church partner is not likened to joining an exclusive fraternity or social club, but is rather the expression of committing and belonging to the collective Bride of Christ. One should not seek to exist as merely a partner in the church, but rather a partner with the church. Partners of the church share life with each other, meet one another’s needs, and bear the burdens of their brothers and sisters with grace and compassion through Christ. Partners of the church are also faithful stewards of time, money and gifts to edify the church and support the mission of God. Most importantly, partners of the church are faithful in sharing the gospel and articulating the love of Jesus to the lost and hurting members of one’s community.

Simply put, church partnership is making an intentional commitment to partner with a group of people to live the life a Christian is called to live and to advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Interested in becoming a partner at Christ Community Church of Denton? Contact Chris Howell and plan on joining us for our partnership classes.

Partnership Classes occur every quarter.