Parishes are essentially families built around Jesus and the Gospel. We study the Bible and discuss the gospel, meet each others’ physical and spiritual needs, celebrate & serve together, and learn what it means to love our neighbor – all for the purpose of growing and multiplying. Therefore, the four rhythms of a parish are: Gospel, Family, Neighbor, and Multiplication. 

In reality, we can’t live the Christian life alone, neither were we meant to. Going to a Sunday service is nice, but that is only a small fraction of what it means to be “the Church.” Why? For several reasons

– The Church is not a place we go, it is who we are.
– We display Christ as a people, not only as individuals.
– God has rigged it so that other people will play a huge role in our own spiritual growth.
– The Church was meant to happen where life happens, not the other way around.

Parishes are small groups intended to bring the Church to where life actually happens. The word “parish” has the idea of a geographical unit served by a local church. Christians are the Church, and they take the Gospel with them everywhere they go. What does this mean? It means that wherever we are, the life of Jesus, the message of Jesus, and the love of Jesus are right there with us. Within these groups we will seek to:

Grow in Understanding through learning more about Jesus and the Gospel.
Grow in Love through serving one another and bearing each other’s burdens.
Grow in Mission by loving and serving our neighborhoods and inviting people into our lives.

To sign up for a parish or ask additional questions, contact Jarod Grice.