Our Mission – Why We Exist

The mission of C3 Denton is simple: to show the beauty of Jesus to the heart of Denton. We are a church, a group of former rebels who have experienced the love of God through the cross of Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit, now living together as God’s people. We exist to make the Gospel known:

• the Good News that God loves sinful, broken people

• that God sent His own beloved Son to die in their place, removing the penalty of sin from them

• that God raised Jesus from the dead to break the power of sin for those who trust in Jesus

• that God fashions them into His very own people called the church by giving them His Spirit

• that God will make all things new one day, removing the presence of sin and suffering, and providing the hope of glory for struggling, suffering saints

This is the most beautiful message there is. A new humanity bought and sustained by the blood of Christ. This is what we want to be about. We don’t want to keep this glorious reality to ourselves, but to believe and live in such a way that our friends in Denton know that the Father has sent Jesus into the world to save sinners and reconcile them to Himself. Our desire is that through us, along with other churches in our city who hold to the same hope,
many in Denton would come to experience this reality, just as we have.

We long to see this carried out as our lives are shaped by the truth of this Gospel. We have not been saved by the god of Sunday, but the God of every time, place, and circumstance. The One who saved us means to graciously rule us as Sovereign Lord. To give us freedom from sin and fullness of joy. To bring us into His cosmic purpose of reconciling the world to Himself as missionaries. In a word, we are disciples of Jesus, those who pattern their lives after the truth of everything He said and did. We want to be about what Jesus is about. We want to grow in conformity to His likeness in the way we think, feel, and live. We want to grow in commitment to Him through pursuing a relationship with Him. We want to do this together because we can’t do it alone. And we want to continually invite others into this glorious reality we get to be a part of.

This is the mission of C3 Denton:

showing the beauty of Jesus to the heart of Denton by believing, living, and offering the hope of the Gospel, all to the glory of God.

Our Vision – The 5 Hopes of C3 Denton

The 5 Hopes of C3 Denton are what we want to work towards as a church. Some of them are more of a reality than others, but we believe that this is where God is leading us. Our energy and efforts, and our definition of success, will revolve around the realization of these hopes.

Hope #1
To Constantly Celebrate the Gospel as One Body – we hope to be a people who joyfully anticipate regular Gospel renewal by gathering every Sunday around the preaching of the Gospel from God’s Word, remembering the Gospel through confessing sin and participating in communion, singing the Gospel through music, and comforting with the Gospel by praying for one another.

Hope #2
To Take the Gospel where People Live by:

• Engaging Neighborhoods and University Campuses through Gospel Communities called Parishes, where we love our neighbors by serving them, inviting them, and introducing them to Jesus.

• Planting new Churches in strategic locations throughout Denton by raising up, equipping, and partnering with new church planters. Our hope is to see a network of neighborhood churches throughout the city of Denton.

• Planting new Churches in strategic locations throughout the world by partnering with church planters in cultural contexts outside the United States.

Hope #3
To be known for Holiness and Humility – we hope to be known as people who pursue godliness, with a passion to be conformed to the image of Christ, yet with a poverty of spirit that recognizes we aren’t there yet, and have no boast but in Christ alone.

Hope #4
To Pursue Radical Diversity – we hope to be a people defined by who we are in Christ, and not the color of our skin, our age, or our economic or cultural status. If our dreams come true, we will look like Denton, not just a sub-culture of Denton, and black, brown, and white, young and old, rich and poor, cool and uncool alike will love one another as family members.

Hope #5
To be Passionate about People Meeting Jesus – we hope to be serious about preaching the Good News to our friends, and seeing them begin a relationship with God as they pass from death to life in Gospel conversion.